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  • News & Event

    • Pressto & Women Empowerment Festival Grand Finals (1 Dec 2017)

      We have just wrapped up our participation as a proud sponsor for the Women Empowerment Festival 2017 as the preferred dry cleaner of choice for the Mrs Malaysia & Borneo International pageant. It was a great journey together to witness all participants go through a transformation of strength and grace.

      We are proud to be part of all these wonderful ladies’ laundry and cleaning journey through these few months, ensuring that their garments shine as much as they are. Dry cleaning specialty outfits are our forte as well as stain removing, so we’re grateful to be entrusted with their important garments. Some are even rushed for same day pick up!

      So, whether you need evening gowns with precious stones attached cleaned or a gentlemen’s suit crisply pressed- you can always Pressto it with us! We are the most efficient, trusted and voted the best dry cleaners in the Klang Valley.

      Pre-Judging Session

      Grand Finals

    • Pressto & Murfest 2017 : A retreat to soothe the mind and body

      We have just completed another successful collaboration, this time with MURFEST where Pressto is one of the sponsors. We are always so inspired by other entrepreneurs and their missions, and how with the right support a small idea can blossom.

      Murfest aims to awaken the urban spirit within each individual, whether a veteran yogi or beginner. Recognizing the power of physical and mental health challenges we face in our day to day lives, Murfest hope to make these practises accessible to all.

      At Pressto, we whole-heartedly support the cause and have also been championing the environmentally conscious act through safe, bio degradable solutions and recycling hangers. But one thing for sure- there will be a lot to learn ourselves and how to be of better service to all of you. Hence, it’s no surprise that we jump in on this opportunity!

      The countdown begins to this much-anticipated event, let’s take a peek in our Murfest schedule this round:



      Participants can look forward to a discount voucher in the Murfest booklet this year. The booklet will be filled with tons of specials from other companies especially fitness and health food. It’ll be great to get to know other companies and widen our choices too.






      Signing of contract between Murfest’s founder Shobie and Pressto’s CEO Phyllis Lai. It is always lovely to work with other entrepreneurs- supporting and learning from each other’s journey.





      Excitement is in the air- the day’s finally here! We brave the morning rain to arrive in a blissful and serene Putrajaya. We arrived earlier as we still needed to orientate ourselves to where everything will be.

      There were lots of workshops to choose from and our activities ranged from Sound Healing, Barre workouts, Vera Flow fitness and even Finding your Spirit Animal Guide. We can take as many or all of the classes if we wanted- we think this is quite a good deal!

      With some down time before the next class, we gave the Markets a tour to check out the array of health food, essential oils and activewear.

      In short, MURFEST opened our selection on the various fitness and wellness choices available in Malaysia today. We are already so excited to incorporate some fitness regime into our lifestyle, on top of making sure we’re committed to a healthy earth.

      We appreciate the great deal of effort that went into the production of MURFEST and we’ve learnt a lot of new things and exercise techniques as well.  We hope to be part of this fun, healthy collaboration again next time!

    • Women Empowerment Festival Press Conference (3rd Oct 2017)

      As the festival’s finale grows closer, the organizers of Mrs Malaysia Global 2017 threw a short and simple press conference for VVIPs and members of the media. Representing Pressto, our team arrived with CEO Phyllis, where we showed our full support and enjoyed the beautifully put-together event while waiting for everyone to arrive.

      Once it starts, we were charmed by the sweet and honest opening speech given by founder of Shine from Within, June Yap as well as by Datin Winnie Loo. The event would come to a close with lucky draws comprising of gifts from sponsors including Pressto.

      We hope the lucky winner will love the gift from us and get to know the World’s Leading Dry Cleaners!

      Till the next round- is it the Finale already?


    • Women Empowerment Festival 2017 (17 Sept 2017)

      Pressto once again attended a fun and light-hearted training boot camp held for the Mrs Malaysia participants in KL. The morning was filled with demos on garment care and a demonstration of stain removal techniques using just home remedies.

      We have equally enjoyed the session as the participants joined in discussions and even voice out their thoughts freely. We are truly inspired and at awe with such beauty and brains at display. It is going to be very difficult to select only one winner!

      Nonetheless, as the finals are almost around the corner, we wish all the participants the best and look forward to the last few rounds of enjoyable get-togethers.

      “Here’s to strong women! May we know them. May we raise them. May we be them.”

    • Women Empowerment Festival:  Mrs Malaysia & Borneo International Global – 5 August 2017

      Great day as we celebrate the women of substance !

      Pressto is proud to be up there collaborating a course to give meaningful voices for Malaysian Mrs.

      Our CEO is part of the distinguished panel of judges, imparting quirky wisdoms along the way.

      Beautiful moments, beautiful people, beautiful strength.  Keep it up Ladies !

      Stay tuned as we bring you more updates in the coming months thru out this year-long festival.

    • Vistage Day Golf Challenge – 1 August 2017

      Pressto is inspired and motivated to be partnering the best of the best and crème de la crème.

      Vistage Malaysia holds its annual CEO networking golf tournament.

      Corporate captains transient battlefields from board rooms to green roams.

      Great chemistry among great minds, marvellous swings amidst marvellous landscape.

      What a fantastic way to broaden the horizon – literally !