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    Join our recycling efforts by returning Pressto hangers!

    feature-hangersDid you know that you can return the Pressto hangers to be reused? You certainly can, and when you join us in our recycling efforts, you will receive points on the spot, in return! By doing so we help keep thousands of hangers out of landfills. Recycling the hangers are more than just freeing up closet space- it’s important for our environment and we believe that everyone has a responsibility to help preserve it.


    It’s as simple as dropping off your latest load and hangers together. Hand the hangers over to our friendly staff and points rewarded to your account immediately.


    So how much can you save by recycling and reusing the hangers?

    For every hanger returned, you’ll get 1 point.

    So what do you think? You’ll be on your way to having clean & freshly pressed shirts already paid for in no time!

    Join us as we commit to operate a more eco-friendly business- you can make a difference too!

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