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    • Fabric Care Tips

      We all need clothes. It doesn’t matter if we have expensive taste or thrifty habits- our lives are all woven in some sort of textile. While we always shop by the design that first captured our hearts, we should also pay attention to the fiber content and how to clean it.

      We wish to prolong the life of the garment by proper cleaning. Here, we compiled a list of commonly used fabric in clothing today.

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    • Spring cleaning tips for your wardrobe

      Sometimes we’re inspired to start editing down the wardrobe, but most of the times we’re prompted to edit when things start getting out of hand.  Take this time to start fresh and new with a thorough spring cleaning of your wardrobe this month. You’ll never know what treasures lurk in there until you dive in.

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    • How-to : Donating your Pre-loved bears for our First CSR Programme


      We all can remember our favourite soft toy- it was our very first friend. Conversations were real, we went everywhere side by side and even had sweet dreams together at night. A soft toy can never be underestimated for the amount of emotional refuge they gave us. For lovers of soft toys, having an entire army of cuddlies are not uncommon. Nothing was too strange or big or small for us. Our collection will slowly grow and after many years of collecting- an edit would be necessary. Instead of throwing them away, why not give them a second chance to meet new owners?

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    • Behind the scenes at Pressto: How we keep track of your orders

      Have you wondered how we keep track of all the garments that pass through our doors?
      As our long standing promise to our customers, we do treat each garments as if our own and all are processed individually. This ensures great service quality and efficient delivery. Continue reading →

    • A good, clean sleep

      If one of your goals is to get more sleep this year, you’re already half way through a healthy start. We spend a lot of time in our lives sleeping, so it’s important that your bed is clean and comfortable too. A clean and comfortable bedroom ensures a good night’s rest, which is important to be able to tackle the day’s demand and stress. But how do you create your peaceful oasis? Let’s count the ways –

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    • Caring for your dress shirts

      Looking your best at work or gatherings not only boosts your confidence, but shows that you care about taking care of your well-being as well. The most basic is turning up for work in neatly pressed shirt and trousers or a flattering dress. Having spent a lot on work clothes, you’ll no doubt want to keep them looking sharp for many more wears.

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    • The importance of Alterations

      Something’s a bit off with your favourite garment? Perhaps you lost or gain a bit of weight? Or you wish to have a funkier length or a total garment makeover?

      There are a lot of possibilities when you are open to a garment restyle. Going through alterations are also important to have a better fit on clothing you bought off the rack.

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    • Simplify your house chores for a productive week

      There’s no other way of saying it- a too-busy life makes a messy home too. But there are simple hacks to ensure your house is in clean slate most of the time. We’ve compiled a few handy tips that will make cleaning up easy and effortless!

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    • Living a cleaner lifestyle

      Do you know that at Pressto, we clean more than just clothing? We also clean carpets, drapes, cushions, duvets- using professional grade solution so that your items will be clear of dust and allergens. Come to think about it, every home contains many items that are fabric based and could use from a good and professional cleaning service. Since one took a lot of time and effort to secure beautiful furnishings and accents, your items deserve to be well-taken care of in order to last many more years.

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    • How to keep your whites white

      We often have white garments that seems to mysteriously turn yellow or beige with time and washing. Before long, your newly bought white shirt or dress looks less crisp- how do we prolong the sharpness of a white garment? How about white base with printed graphics?

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