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    • 48 -Clothes from – the 1960s

      feature_easy-resize-comThe 1960s was an interesting time. It was the decade that switched from expensive couture to cheap, casual clothing that was available to everyone. It was extreme style and attitude from the start to the end. It went from modest, to “there is no such thing as short”. In many ways, the 1960s mimicked the 1920s flappers revolution, thanks to the second wave of feminism. Here, we have listed down some of the most iconic pieces that were prevalent in those times.
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    • Types of skirts

      feature_easy-resize-comIf you are not familiar with skirts, fear not! Skirts come in many shapes and sizes, and are used for a variety of occasions. To help ease your unease with the skirts, we have compiled our top 5 most essential types of skirts that you can use over a variety of occasions,



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    • 47 Clothes from – the 1950s

      feature_easy-resize-comThe fashion industry changes dramatically every decade. If you were to look back at older pictures of your parents and grandparents, you are sure to notice how their clothes would differ greatly from the ones we wear now, marking a shift in trends in fashion over the years. To guide you on this path of nostalgia, we started off with a list of fashion trends you would find way back….. in the 1950s.
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    • Join in our recycling efforts by returning the Pressto hangers!

      feature-hangersDid you know that you can return the Pressto hangers to be reused? You certainly can, and when you join us in our recycling efforts, you will receive points on the spot, in return! By doing so we help keep thousands of hangers out of landfills. Recycling the hangers are more than just freeing up closet space- it’s important for our environment and we believe that everyone has a responsibility to help preserve it.

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    • Join the Pressto family and get these perks right away!


      Welcome to Pressto Asia. We take dry cleaning and laundry seriously and have been a leading pioneer in Malaysia for over 11 years. However, we couldn’t have made it without the generous support of our customers. In this essence, we believe to also give back to you with gratitude through discounts, perks and great customer service.
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    • Soft toys- cuddly or dangerous?


      Do you remember what your first memory was? Chances are, your favourite soft toy was probably featured in it. This goes to show how old and cherished our soft toys are to us, hence a reluctance for many of us to part with them, perhaps even for a wash!

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    • How do I set up my curtains?


      The task of setting up your curtains might seem daunting to many, but is actually quite an easy feat! Once you get the hang of setting them up, it becomes an easy (even therapeutic) job. To help you familiarise yourself with the process, we wrote out a simple step-by-step guide that you could remember the next time you set them up.

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    • Culture and clothing – South Americas


      Perhaps not as well covered as their northern counterparts, the South American continent is home to extremely diverse and rich cultures. They have Spanish, Indigenous and African influences due to migration patterns over the last few centuries; nevertheless, each culture puts their own spin that makes their clothing unique to others. Below are some of these interesting and rather eye-catching pieces from this region.

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    • Culture and clothing – Africa


      With their bright colours and unique patterns, clothing from the African continent are easily recognisable by many. The patterns and style of clothing differs greatly from region to region, bringing about a comfortable, casual style that is quickly catching on around the world. Hold tight to your chairs, because we are about to introduce to you a world of African cultural clothing that is sure to blow your mind!

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    • Culture and Clothing- Europe

      Mantua Kilts Tracht

      Europe, possibly one of the most culturally rich regions on Earth, possesses an eclectic mix of cultural clothes that derives from a multitude of cultures. Over the years, this region has seen many conflicts, migrations and influences; which eventually led to the formation of strong identities within each country and helped to form their own culture (and by extension, clothing as well!). As such, we decided to piece together a list of some of the most interesting pieces of cultural clothes that we could find in Europe!

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