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    • Caring for your knitwear

      Being in a tropical country we, Malaysians are very blessed with the sun all year round. We could dress lightly and comfortably all the time. However, there are times we wish to explore colder temperatures too. How would we know which knit to buy or how do we store them well from infrequent use?

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    • How to clean anything embellished

      It’s wedding season, and you know what that means- gorgeous and beautifully beaded dresses! If you’re a magpie like us, you’ll no doubt have a couple of embellished dresses or tops in your wardrobe to glam the day up.

      The not-so-fun part? The cleaning afterwards. Although a show stopper, it can be very difficult to keep clean or to protect the delicate beading. How do we clean or take care of it?

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    • How much free time do you have?

      Have you ever wondered how much of free time you really have in a week? 3 hours? 2 hours? After deducting the time needed to get your personal issues sorted, how much is solely yours to do whatever you want?

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    • Caring for Table linens

      We all love to host simple dinners parties, it’s a great way to bring people together. One of the ways to always have fun is to set a table with coordinating colours and theme. The not so fun part?

      The clean up afterwards! The type of fabric you end up buying can either make cleaning up easier or harder- so which ones to get? We have compiled simple tips on fabric types and ways to clean them.

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    • Clothing storage

      We ladies sure love to shop! We love how clothing can transform our mood and confidence so we start to amass a large collection by accident. Since our clothing became an investment, we wish to care for it well to ensure it lasts for many years to come. Proper cleaning and storing plays a major part in preserving them in a great condition.

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    • Just married? How about a gown refashion?

      After months of preparation, you are finally a Mrs! It’s definitely not easy to have come this far and we congratulate you on the start of your journey together.

      Well, the pictures were taken, cakes eaten, champagne toasted- but what about your beautiful gown? If you have ordered your gown, it would have been customized to your exact liking.

      Don’t let it get lost in the abyss of your closet- it deserves to shine again.

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    • How to prepare your house for a dinner party

      Dinner parties are the ideal gathering for any time of year because they’re held indoors, allowing you to focus on just a few rooms, so there’s less work when decorating and preparing. We all love to find a reason to throw a small, intimate and fabulous home party if possible.

      Get your home ready for a dinner party in just a few days by following this handy guide to cleaning and setting up space.

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    • Modern fabrics and Care Tips (with The ModHouse, Bangsar)

      There’s never been a more exciting time today for textile with the emergence of technical fabrics. These are fabrics that are made stronger and more temperature friendly to our climate.
      We sat down with the CEO of MOD House, Ho, to learn more about the new fabrics many designers are using today and how you may care for them should you have one hanging in your closet now.

      Let’s head over to The MOD House to view his collection :

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    • DIY home stain removal techniques

      At Pressto, we are the stain removal experts and having developed our own professional grade stain removal solutions, we know it’s equally important that our customers are informed in the many ways to remove everyday stains.

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    • A healthy home: Organizing the linen cupboard

      If you’re staying alone or with a family, there’s no doubt that you’ll slowly accumulate some home furnishings to make your house more comfortable.

      A comfortable house welcomes us every evening when we reach home from work. From the time we plop down on the coach, to grabbing a drink and taking a long bath, our lives are woven with textile.

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