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    • Fashion Accessories for Men


      Looking good and stylish isn’t only just for Women but for Men too! Here are some essential and useful products that will not only make you look but useful for your daily lifestyle.


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    • How to wash clothes in a washing machine.


      How to wash clothes in a washing machine.

      If you’re starting to live alone or just gotten a new washing machine this is the guide for you! As it might seem difficult at first as there are many steps in the process but after a few practices it’ll be a breeze for you!

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    • Why does jeans use metal zippers?


      Why does jeans use metal zippers?

      Both jeans and zippers were created a long time ago and both have benefited humanity for a long time. Jeans orginally made with denim now come with a variety of shapes, sizes and colors have been a fashion trend among teenagers and young adults since their creation. Whereas, zippers since its inception has helped mankind fastening stuff especially their jeans. So, why do jeans usually use metal zippers?

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    • Doing laundry during rainy days


      Doing laundry during rainy days

      The rainy season is back again and messes up our laundry routine it does. It ruins our drying schedule, high humidity and moisture in the air which causes molding or making our garment smell bad due to being wet for too long. Here are some useful tips for those who have a tough time doing laundry during the rainy season.
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    • Easy fashion tips every guy should know


      Fashion, synonymous to the words a “new trend” is ever-changing, making it hard for the common person to keep up with it all. Nevertheless, there are some things that do stay constant in the department of “looking good”, and here we will discuss some of the many aspects of looking sharp and clean whenever you walk out the door!


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    • Should you wash just bought clothes?


      Just bought a new dress and you’re dying to wear it out to work the next day? Pause and think just for a second. You might be thinking, “It can’t possibly be that dirty…” but that’s where you might be wrong.

      Your clothes have probably been through several people before you chose to buy it. Trying to convince yourself that these people were probably clean when they wore it might give you some comfort, but the truth is just that. There’s always the off chance that you might get a bug from the previous wearer, so don’t take that chance! Washing that new dress removes all doubt of whether it’s safe to wear so don’t forget!

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    • Underarm stains and how to remove them


      After a several wears, don’t be too surprised if you see a yellow stain under your pits on your nice white shirt. Asking yourself “Why did this happen?!”? The answer is, funnily enough, your deodorant. Chances are that your spray on or roll on deodorant has aluminium in it that has a reaction with some components in your armpits. This is what creates the yellow stains.

      Don’t get too worried, there are many ways for you to still save your shirt!


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    • 5 things you can do to your old unused clothes


      Checked the back of your closet lately? Are clothes you don’t use anymore stacking up and taking up space? Ask yourself why you don’t use them anymore. Maybe it’s because they don’t look as good as before or they could be ripped or damaged in one way or another. So they next question would be; what do I do with them?

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    • Suits and how to care for them


      Arguably one of the best things a man can wear, the suit has been around for a long time and is seen as a symbol of authority and formality. Anyone can put on a suit and look pretty darn good without much effort. Once you’ve gotten your first suit however you might already be thinking about how you need to care for it, which brings us to the topic of how to do so. Here are a few must do things to ensure it looks the best when being worn and to keep it for years.
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    • How to care and wash your different type of clothes


      With the vast amount of clothes you have stored in your wardrobe, do you know how to care for each one of them? It’s also not such a good idea to just dump everything in the washing machine and be done with it if that’s what you do…

      Your range of different clothes such as dresses, formal wear, t shirts or underwear all have different ways to be washed and care for. Here are a few things to take note of when doing a full laundry day!



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